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Forever alone....

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

No Idea?Get Idea!!

That awkward moment when you take out a piece of paper ready to write another big essay for your project etc but your pen just keeps hovering over the page.Have you ever found yourself in this situation?Well to tell you the truth,Today I am in such a predicament!!!!!

Today I got up and made my way straight to the computer with a great feeling."Today I am gonna write a post that's gonna blow everyone's mind"I said to myself.I went to and Clicked the 'New Post'Button with a smile on my face but a few minutes later I had my hands on my head and my eyes were staring at the blank page in front of me.

But then after a lot of 'Nikhil S.P's' Famous research I came to a conclusion that there are ways to come up with topics when you have a switched off brain.

Here are a few from my research:(All of a sudden I feel like a scientist :D )

  1. Just log out from your blog!!!- Yup,you heard me right...Exit the tab and work on something else there may be a 60% chance that you might come up with a relevant topic while doing something else.Come back at a later time when you've got one... Not posting is better than staring at a blank page right?                                                                                                          
  2. Read sites that post news relevant to your blog!- Sites like yahoo,Google news etc carry up to date news them and write one on a topic that interests you.You can elaborate on the topic or just a few lines of your opinions and stuff.Even the daily newspapers that come to your home every morning can be used too."This isn't called plagiarism,Its called Innovation"       
    3.Talk to your friends!- This in my opinion is the best and by far the most effective way of coming up with Ideas!Chatting and gossiping with friends opens your mind to more new and interesting topics that make you say,"Now why didn't I think of that".And this doesn't have to be just friends,It can be your Dad,Your mom,Your online buddies etc.If you are stuck you can poke at them for ideas and they would certainly help you. 

Well this post right here is the product of my famous research(I still feel like a scientist :D)
If you feel there more things to be added then please drop it down in the comment section below.


  1. LOL :) what can i say...
    hmm when i feel writers block, will try implementing your IDEAS :)
    what an idea SIRJI :)

  2. Mentos Effect...dimag ki batti can be switched on by these 3 ways...
    I also recommend this page here-
    Good enough for bloggers suffering from writer's block...
    Amazing post

  3. Thank You Nitin

    And Wow that site you gave me has funny and interesting topics.Thanks for sharing it here:)

  4. hahaha was waiting for this post... nice 1... it is definitely gonna help me in future

  5. Thanks Sridhar :)...

    the reason I wrote this post cos I was suffering that day with a serious case of writers block :P